Plan of Service

Vegreville Centennial Library Plan of Service 2020-2024

The Libraries Regulation requires boards to have a current plan of service, including a mission statement, goals and objectives, based on a community needs assessment. Our plan of service is created by the Vegreville Centennial Library Board and sets our priorities for 5 years. You can download the full PDF of our Plan of service from 2020-2024 or view the highlights below.

For more information about regulations and policies, visit Government of Alberta's webpage on provincial public library legislation and policies.

Vegreville Centennial Library strives to be Vegreville's Community Living Room, offering programs and resources for everyone in a welcoming and inclusive space.

Vegreville Centennial Library connects ideas, people, and knowledge.

Goal 1: Provide innovative programming that meets the needs of varied age and cultural groups.
Goal 2: Provide communication and marketing of our programs and services across multiple platforms for our library, patrons, and community at large.
Goal 3: Provide innovative ideas for making the library a welcoming and inclusive space.
Goal 4: Provide a collection that is current, extensive, and relevant to varied ages, community, and cultural groups.