Computer Use

Internet use is a privilege, not a right

All patrons must follow our computer use policy or their privileges may be revoked.

The Vegreville Centennial Library has the following computers: 

  • 4 public internet access computers

Patrons may use public internet access computers for up to one hour per day in two one half hour increments, if there is someone waiting another half hour will be not granted. 

Computer use is unsupervised, and Library staff are not responsible for the content that any patron, whether adult or child, accesses either via library computers or the library's wireless network. 

Patrons will not distribute or view any material that affronts human dignity or deprives any person, whether adult or child, of his or her rights.  Patrons will not display or view anything considered pornographic, whether of adults or children.

Patrons must bring in their own headphones if viewing or listening to anything on computers.  Computer use cannot be disruptive to other patrons.

A computer use agreement must be signed each year to use the computers.  Parents/Guardians must sign for any minors.

Printing from computers costs 25¢ per page, $1.00 per page for colour copies.  If you are needing to print on larger sized paper the cost will increase.