Board Trustees

Mike Cooper, Chair
Megan Seitz, Vice Chair
Kim Kenward, Past Chair
Sonja Rasko
Jerrold Lemko
Carl Ogrodnick
Joanne Gorda
Larissa Bouwman
Aliaa El Mezawy
Murray Armitage

Please contact the Library to reach members of the Board.


2019 Board Meeting Schedule

  • May 29, 2019
  • June 19, 2019
  • September 18, 2019
  • October 16, 2019
  • November 20, 2019
The Board regularly meets on the third week of every month in the Vegreville Centennial Library meeting rooms (dates may vary as per Member availability).  All Board meetings are open to the public. The Board does not regularly meet in July, August, or December.

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Vision Statement

Vegreville Centennial Library – connecting ideas, people and knowledge.

Mission Statement

Vegreville Centennial Library offers programs and resources for everyone, in a welcoming space. It strives to be Vegreville’s Community Living Room.

Library Goals - 2014-2019

  1. Our Space will be comfortable and inviting
  2. We will communicate and market our programs and services and provide space for other community organizations to market theirs
  3. We will provide innovative programming that meets the needs of varied age groups
  4. We will continue to develop a collection that is current, extensive and relevant to varied age categories and community groups


The Vegreville Centennial Library subscribes to the Canadian Library Association’s Statement on Intellectual Freedom, which affirms its belief in the following:

“All persons in Canada have the fundamental right, as embodied in the nation’s Bill of Rights, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to have access to all expressions of knowledge, creativity and intellectual activity, and to express their thoughts publicly.

Libraries have a basic responsibility for the development and maintenance of intellectual freedom. To this end, libraries shall acquire and make available the widest variety of materials.
It is the responsibility of libraries to guarantee the right of free expression by making available all of the library’s public facilities and services to all individuals and groups who need them.

Libraries should resist all efforts to limit the exercise of these responsibilities while recognizing the right of criticism by individuals and groups.

Both employees and employers in libraries have a duty, in addition to their institutional responsibilities, to uphold these principles.”

Plan of Service

Vegreville Centennial Library's Plan of Service 2014-2019