Facility Rentals

Facility Rentals

The Town of Vegreville Library Complex has space for you and your meeting needs! There is one meeting room space as well as an auditorium/gymnasium. Whether your requirement is for a small meeting or a large scale presentation the Town of Vegreville Library Complex can accommodate your request. The information provided here can assist with your planning as to what we can offer in terms of space and costs. 

Note: GST will be added to all prices

Rental Charges (Meeting Room)
  • $35.00/hour
  • $100.00/0.5 day (4-7 hours)
  • $200.00/day (8-12 hours)

Rental Charges (Gymnasium)

  • $50.00/hour
  • $150.00/0.5 day (4-7 hours)
  • $250.00/day (8-12 hours)

PLEASE NOTE:  Rental Charges do not include the set up or strike down of tables and chairs, this is the responsibility of the renter.

Available Discounts

  • Not-for-profit rate: 30% off listed rental rates
  • Youth based rate: 40% off listed rental rates
(Organizations are eligible for the Not-for-Profit rate or the Youth-Based rate, not both)

Facility Sizes

  • Combined Meeting Rooms = 450 square feet
  • Gymnasium = 3000 square feet

Maximum Occupancies

  • Meeting Room = up to 50 with just chairs, or up to 25 with chairs and tables
  • Gymnasium = 150 to 300 people

What is available with the facilities?

  • Meeting Room: About 25 chairs, 10 banquet style tables (5 feet in length) and .
  • Gymnasium: About 300 chairs, 25 banquet style tables (6 feet in length).

If you want to rent space:

  • The Town of Vegreville Library Complex does require a Facility Rental Agreement to be filled out at time of booking,  which will state the main contact, dates, times, and rates of your event. Facility Rental Agreements for the gymnasium and the meeting rooms are available by contacting the library. 
  • Payment in full is due at the time of booking. Cheques should be made payable to the Town of Vegreville.  Bookings may be made up to one year in advance or within 72 hours prior to the event, but we do not accept same-day bookings.
  • Additional Fees may be charged for damages, failure to remove garbage and failure to return key card.

Hold your next event at the Library Complex!  Contact Kathy for more information.